Kitchenaid 4 Piece Utensil Set

Posted on March 24, 2010 by Elaine

I’m a big fan of Kitchenaid, in general their products are always good quality and built to last. However, I came across the Kitchenaid 4 Piece Utensil Set I’m simply loved the design and vibrant color. But, to my surprise it seemed to be a couple of design flaws that some customers who have already purchased it was not exactly happy with.

It’s sometimes hard to tell from looking at a picture the size of something I’m looking at something in 2D is always quite difficult. One of the first problems I came across that people seem to have is that the size of the utensils. In fact, they are quite large and this is not something that some people did not particularly like because they think they just take up too much space for what they do. However some people did like them but did express that the handles are quite thick.

Because the handles are very thick they add to the weight of the utensil and some people find the handles very heavy which causes a problem. For instance, if one of the utensils is resting in a frying pan they can sometimes tip backwards bringing food with it, which to be honest is not very pleasant.

Of course you will always find some people not getting happy with certain things and some people were overjoyed at the purchasing these. It’s really just a matter of understanding both sides of the story and making an informed decision by yourself.

What do you get when you purchase these

  • Slotted Turner (14.75in)
  • Slotted Spoon (13.5in)
  • Basting Spoon (13.5in)
  • Short Turner (12in)

What do we like

  • The utensils can be washed using a dishwasher
  • As you can see from the picture of both they are simply a fantastic color
  • They are made from heat resistant silicone

Check out more reviews

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