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My niece brought me some wonderful news last week she is getting married in the summer. That is particularly exciting as she is the first of my brood to take the big step.

Amy is a very traditional girl and she wants everything right LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a passionate cook I understand that there is something deeply satisfying about preparing food with the best fit for purpose equipment. Food sings when it is cooked correctly at the correct temperature and with the best quality cookware. Remember when you last had fish and chips and the batter was soggy and thick because it had been immersed in fat that was not hot enough.

Anyway she wanted to discuss the best type of cooking skillets that she could buy. Fortunately I was able to tell her by experience how fantastic my cast iron pans were. Though she remembers cooking with me as a small child and I would allow her to make cookie dough, but never allowed her to use my knives or lift my pans, which were in many cases heavier than her at the time!

I had no hesitation in recommending cast iron to her from personal experience but I wanted to do some research to make sure that this information was currently in line with modern thought.

I mean the Chinese have been using cast iron pots for hundreds of years, but that does not make them the best material now in the twenty first Century. Lets fact it there have been many innovations in the last few hundred years.

What You Need To Know When Shopping For Cast Iron Cookware.

I think cast iron cookware is fantastic, but just because I do does not make it the correct choice of cookware for everyone. Some people find that it is just too heavy to maneuver easily. Whilst I am not saying it is easy to maneuver, there are a lot of lighter skillets; I do think the advantages of the weight in terms of even cooking outweigh any disadvantages.

Today’s young modern cooks have to make green choices that were not so important a few years ago and because cast iron retains its heat and distributes its heat evenly it conserves fuel. That means it is a good green choice you save money on your fuel bills and also reduce your carbon footprint.

Because all of Lodge cookware is preseasoned they are truly non stick. That means that you do not have to purchase a separate Teflon coated pan for omelets you can go right ahead and cook them in your skillet. The depth of its sides and the curve means that it is very east to shape the perfect tortilla. Now Europeans and Americans will have two different pictures in their head at the moment. To the Americans the tortilla is a Mexican flatbread and this definition is correct, but I mean tortilla in the original sense.

A tortilla is a big fat omelet often an inch maybe more deep and filled with potato and onion, it tastes cheesy but traditionally it has no cheese in it. The distinctive characteristic of a tortilla is the curve it has at the side and this pan makes perfect tortillas, partly because it shapes them and partly because they need a long cooking on a low even heat so they do not burn. This is important to Amy because she went to university in Madrid and makes tortillas often .

Other Thing You need to know

There is no bolt on goodies design features. The handles are cast iron as well which makes the skillet pan perfect for popping in the oven straight from the hob.

The Best one

Lodge Logic 12-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet because it is a heavy family sized pan that is suitable for cooking for one or a crowd.

What's the price

There are a number of online and retail stores that stock this Lodge Logic 12-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet, because it about the best family skillet you can buy within its price range. Although there are far more expensive pans and skillets to choose from this one does what it says on the tin, so why pay more?

Taking into account price and reliability of delivery and the fact that Amazon offers free delivery we have no hesitation on recommending that you purchase this from Amazon. I have no doubt that at certain times of the year another company may have a super special offer, but the one thing about Amazon is the fact that you can trust them to deliver. Should there be a problem they have a renowned after sales service as well.

What are the benefits

It is a perfect design with a small handle and that means that it fits perfectly in modern ovens which tend to be smaller. The old type of skillet design with the long handled design will not fit in many modern ovens. It is perfect to cook both on the hob and the oven. For instance it makes a fantastic roast duck as you can score the breast and render the fat out on the hob and then pop it into the oven in the same pan for about eight minutes and voila you have the perfect duck and the eight minutes in which it is cooking is the optimum time to prepare your vegetables or salads.

The Lodge Logic 12-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet is a family sized cooking pot is not too deep which means that all the food has a chance of cooking at the same rate even if you are making a casserole. The modern design trend in cookware the short metal handle just increases the versatility of the skillet pan.

Is It Oven Safe

No matter how high you need the heat cast iron will take the heat from the hottest ovens. The handles at both sides are a safety feature allowing you to remove it safely without dropping the food or burning your fingers.

Are The Handles Safe

The handles cannot drop off, or come loose in a lodge logic skillet because the skillets are built in one piece. That is another massive safety feature, we have all have skillets with wobbly handles that shake the whole pan about in the past. However leave that in the past!

It is perfectly balanced because although the shorter handle makes it tip it has a counter handle on the other side which means that you can balance the Lodge Logic 12-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet when transporting it from oven to table which effectively counteracts its overall weight.

Can They be put in The Dishwasher

They do not need to be put in the dishwasher as they can be cleaned with just a wipe. The really hot water in the dishwasher dissolves the protective coating that makes it non stick. Should you have stubborn stains then clean it with a wet kitchen cloth with sea salt, the sea salt rubs off any residual food.

How Long is the Warranty

They come with lifetime limited warranty and will probably be around for two generations.

Anything Else

When less is more use the simple streamlines designs of Lodge logic.

Where Can You Get The Best Price

We check online pricing all the time and find that Amazon offer the best deals. One of the problems is this sometimes is sold out because it's such a popular item. You can find out more over at Amazon.

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