"The Best Copper Cookware Set we have come across"

First of all just have a look at all that gleaming copper, just looking at it makes me smile, it is reminiscent of French rural kitchens, the smell of good food and herbs, Mediterranean holidays and Victorian kitchens all rolled into one. It is at once exquisitely nostalgic of an era long gone.

It is reminiscent of commercial kitchens a maître d' bringing a delicate sauce to your table or serving Crêpes Suzette flambéed at your table. It is immediately the smell of decadence, and richness poignant of so many food memories and posh restaurant kitchens! My first copper based skillet pan was used to bring sauces to the table and I thought it very elegant at the time cooking in front of my guests. Yet as corny as it may be it still makes my guests smile and that is half the battle when cooking. People love to see the food they are going to eat cooked in front of them.

Everyone always wants to have copper cookware, it may not be the metal that you eventually choose but if you have your pans on show they look terrific when they are gleaming. In fact I once knew someone who bought copper based pans to sell her kitchen, when her house was on the market. She bought a metal towel rack, got some butcher's hooks and suspended these pans from the ceiling. Voila instant chic.

Other Thing you need to know

Many professional chefs use copper pans because of its superior heat conductivity; they simply do not get hot spots. As a result of this they are extremely responsive to change when you change the temperature on the stove; they heat up or cool down immediately. This is the reason that they are chefs' pan of choice when making delicate sauces that can curdle in a second. That means that you do not have to place the pan in cold water to stop the heating process. For instance yogurt curdles quickly and the advantage of heating it in a copper pan is the fact that normally you have to take it off the heat and immerse the pan in cold water to rapidly cool it down. This level of temperature control means that you can control both the browning, braising and simmering temperatures very quickly.

Unfortunately there are major disadvantages to having a copper pan alone. Copper corrodes very quickly and that means that cleaning copper pans is an absolute nightmare and a thing that you should never consider unless you have access to a modern day Cinders or Cinderella. Copper also reacts with many acidic and non acidic foods.

Because of this copper based pan are nearly always lined with a more stable metal. This can be either tin or stainless steel, but stainless steel is of a much better quality.

The Best one

The T-Fal Ultimate Stainless-Steel Copper-Bottom 12-Piece Cookware Set is beautifully balanced for weight. It is versatile because it has a Dutch oven in the set and that can be utilized on the hob or in the oven and is the perfect one pot cookware.

What are the benefits

It is made from high-quality stainless steel; every piece has a multi-layered stainless-steel base with a thick-gauge aluminum core with a central copper disc. This multi layered use of metals make use of the best of the qualities of all the metals there are no hot spots so food cannot catch the warmth is distributed evenly so that it cuts the fuel bills, and it prevents the pan from becoming distorted in the heat. As it is a twelve piece set it has a pan for virtually everything that you will ever need in the everyday kitchen.

Etched inside of the pan are measuring marks which means less washing up if you need to add a pint of water or stock you know where the line is.

How About The Lids

The glass lids have stainless steel handles for strength. Glass lids allow you to see what is happening to the food reducing the need to take the lid off and actually look, which lets the heat out of the pot. It is designed to trap the heat within the pot which in turn traps in the moisture and allows the cook food to retain both its nutrients and also its moisture content making the cooked food more succulent.

What's in the Box

  • 8-inch frying pan
  • 10-1/4-inch frying pan
  • 1-quart saucepan with lid
  • 2-quart saucepan with lid
  • 5-quart Dutch oven with lid
  • Spoon
  • Slotted turner
  • Is It Oven Safe

    These stainless steel pans with a copper base are suitable for induction cooking and oven-safe to a temperature of 500 degrees F.

    Are The Handles Safe

    There are also stainless steel handles on the pot that make excellent hanging holes if you want to show off the pans in your kitchen. They have been riveted and have space for your hand and the oven glove when you are removing them from the oven.

    Can They be put in The Dishwasher

    The whole set is dish washer safe. However the pans can also be soaked and wiped with a soft cloth

    How Long is the Warranty

    Limited lifetime warranty.

    Anything Else

    The very best of design makes this an attractive choice for a present or fro your own home.

    Where Can You Get The Best Price

    Looking at delivery time, cost, reliability of an after sales service things don't look any better than Amazon. They offer the best price and you are assured of their famous quality and service as well as the fact that you know whether or not they have them in stock when you order. Visit the Amazon website here

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