"It's Amazing How Much Space You Can Save With A Pot Rack"

Every woman at some time has wanted a bigger kitchen and these pot racks are perfect to maximize space. They hang loftily from the ceiling in a way that reminds us of ancient medieval castles with high ceilings and things hanging down. Meats were cured by hanging and pots were often hanging, but best not to think too deeply about the hygiene aspects of those old kitchens.

Medieval kitchens did not have cupboards but modern kitchens do and this innovative pot rack certainly frees up the kitchen space. The really great thing about it is the fact that they can be made to look more rustic. Hang strings of dried garlic, and peppers from the rack to remind you of rustic French open kitchens and Southern Mediterranean holiday destinations.

These types of pot wear so compliments the shabby chique look so popular know because you can drape just about anything around the pot rack to go with your kitchen décor. The great thing about a pot rack is the fact that you make it suit your kitchen and décor.

My favorite use for my pot rack is I have hung a cake cooler from the ceiling so I have a place to pop my homemade breads and cakes to cool without being in danger. My pot rack reflects my style and my life and needs and that is what makes them so versatile and wonderful. I have friends who have used it to hang their favorite herbs and this can look very effective especially if they are trailers.

Other Thing you need to know

Pans look great hanging from a pot rack they are both functional in the fact that free up a lot of space. We all have loads of kitchen utensils, pea strainers, whisks, potato ricers etc, all of these things have an irregular shape and they take up masses of room in the drawers, but a pot rack is the perfect place to house them. They are decorative as well add herbs, plants, cake coolers, vines make them match your lifestyle. Keep them looking metal and functional or make them chique.

Decorative pans such as the copper based pans gleam from a pot rack. The burnished glow is reflected al around the kitchen. The wrought iron construction is a perfect medium to make functional, rustic or decorative.

The Best one

The Innova Classicor Wrought-Iron Oval Pot Rack wins hands down for functionality, design and price. It is quite simply the best value pot rack for the money, pot racks over a $100 cannot complete with this model.

More detail

Functional or decorative this wrought iron construction can be either it comes with loads of hooks (12) and can take up to 40lbs in weight. If you are using copper pans which are fairly light weight that is a lot of pans. For me the greatest advantage of a pot rack is the fact that the pans and pots must gleam, which means that they are really washed properly and nothing is more attractive in a kitchen than the general air of tender loving care.

Because they reflect your style and personality they personalize your kitchen perfectly. The pot rack itself has four hanging chains and that means that the rack is balanced. When you purchase a pot rack beware many of them have two chains only and that makes them unstable, if there is more weight they can tip over. The four chains distribute the weight evenly. Pans themselves dent when they hit the floor damaging both the pans and possibly the floor to say nothing of someone's head!

Another huge benefit of a pot rack is the fact that it keeps the non stick cook wear non stick, they are not stacked inside each other in the cupboard and that means that no part of the surface is touching another part. They are kept in pristine condition and that of course make them last longer.

What are the benefits

This is a light weight pot rack but of the lower priced range products it offers the best deal. It comes with loads of hooks and you can add more it is durable to take extra weight.

What's in the Box

Oval ceiling-mount rack for hanging pots and pans made from durable but attractive wrought-iron. There is a chrome center which offsets the darker wrought iron but it can provide a base to add more meat hooks for extra storage space. It comes with twelve meat hooks.

How Long is the Warranty

5 year limited warranty.

Anything Else

The very best of design and functionality makes this an attractive choice for a present or for your own home because they are versatile enough to have an everyday usefulness and attractiveness.

Where Can You Get The Best Price

Taking into account delivery time, cost, reliability of an after sales service Amazon is very competitive. Amazon offers the best price, because they are frequently cheaper than eBay and you are assured of their famous quality and service as well as the fact that you know whether or not they have them in stock when you order.

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