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What You Need To Know When Shopping For A Wok.

Anyone who has been cooking with a wok for any length of time will remember that until a few years ago woks had a round bottom and they rocked all over the stove and wobbled. I doubt that anyone who used one did not at some time tip it over when adding a new ingredient. Part of the reason to sue a wok is the fact that it cooks food quickly and healthily but a second reason is the fact that a wok could do anything steam food, stir fry it and deep fry it. However those old fashioned round based woks were not safe to add oil to as they were in danger of tipping over all the time.

If you still have one of those old fashioned woks now is the time to update it and get into the twenty first century world of woks. The world of woks is not what it was certainly now we know how much healthier it is to stir fry food and add food as you are cooking so at the end everything is cooked to perfection and is as simple and unadulterated as you can make it.

This twelve inch wok is a good family sized wok. It is not often that a pan makes such bold claims but actually delivers on the promises. It is the next generation in woks and it has the advantage of being green as well.

Other Thing you need to know

Modern wok surfaces are made from a hard durable surface that heats rapidly and holds its heat even when you put cold food in to stir fry. This means that it saves fuel as you cook. However do bear in mind that spray oil build up and leaves a nasty tasting residue after a while, this wok is designed to use the minimum amount of oil and it just needs a appear towel to wipe it clean. No more having to re-season your wok.

More detail

Eco friendly cook wear is good for the environment because it has a cooking surface called ceramica which is not made any sort of petroleum products. It heats quickly and is more thermally efficient which means that it does not lose its heat as it cooks the food and this saves fuel.

What are the benefits?

Ease of cooking safety of the food when it has been cooked quickly as well as the knowledge that the manufacturing process has been totally green and no petroleum products have been used in any part of the manufacturing processes.

How About The Lids

The glass lid is safe and it allows you to look at the food as it is cooking , every time you take the lid off a pot it loses its heat, so it always an advantage to be able to see what is happening

What's in the Box

One Cuisinart Green Gourmet Hard Anodized Eco-Friendly Non Stick 12-Inch Stir Fry Wok with Glass Cover the dimensions are 22.6 x 14 x 6.2 inches and weighing in at 7.2 pounds

Is It Oven Safe

It is both oven and broiler safe which adds to its versatility as one pot fits all.

Are The Handles Safe

The handles do not get hot as they have riveted stainless stick handles. Also an added safety feature is the length of the handle because it is long you can easily use two hands to hold and secure the pan when transferring the food to the table.

Can They be put in The Dishwasher

The beauty of the surface of this wok is that nothing can stick to it all it needs to clean is a rinse in hot soapy water.

How Long is the Warranty

Limited lifetime warranty.

Anything Else

Cuisinart is the only company to use the surface called ceramic and it can be used under the grill or broiler and in the oven and that means it is an ideal one pot choice. The exclusive Ceramica nonstick surface is ceramic-based and PTFE and PFOA free which means that no petroleum products were used in its manufacture. We are all aware how important it is that we reduce are carbon emissions and using Cuisinart technology is a small step we can take to make the world a better place for our children. When the coating is applied it is done so using modern technology and using less than half the heat of other non stick surfaces in use today.

All cuisinart packaging is made from recycled materials, the policy of the company is to be as green as possible in the making of the product as today we look at embodied energy when looking at how green it is. That means how much the manufacturing process uses or generates carbon emissions in the manufacturing process. Even the ink is made from soya.

Another advantage is the surface of these woks does not come off unlike other non stick surfaces such as Teflon. Teflon is made with chemicals and this wok pan has a natural surface that cannot taint your food.

Where Can You Get The Best Price

Overall Amazon offers the best value for this pan taking into account availability and after sales service it frequently has lower prices than eBay. You can find out more information over at the Amazon website.

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